MIke and Don Hate Each Other
Mike and Don Hate Each Other

GENRE: Feature length Comedy

LOGLINE: "Two 40 year old neighbors battle in a physical war of one-upsmanship. If they can't bury the hatchet and work together, they'll bury each other."

SYNOPSIS: Mike kisses his wife Kris and is off down the sidewalk. He slips and slides on the 'greased' pavement, flailing and throwing papers all over the yard.

Next door, Don hugs his wife Svetlana and laughs hysterically at Mike behind her back.

Mike responds with some high-powered MUY CALIENTE Mexican pepper spray on Don's car door handle. An important business meeting follows, complete with water flinging, convulsions, and a CO2 fire extinguisher.

The pranks become progressively more vicious, so the wives take the kids and leave until their husbands "grow up and get over it".

After losing their families, jobs, and homes, Mike and Don are forced to become roommates at a halfway house called 'Lonely Men's Arms'.

Realizing they've hit rock bottom, Mike and Don devise a drunken plan to get their lives back. All they have to do is work together.

Easier said than done.


- Film Package available upon request.

Mike and Don Hate Each Other
Mike and Don Hate Each Other
Drawings by Jeff Plamenig
Mike and Don Hate Each Other

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